About Us

At SnellingTM our expertise lies in the wholesale distribution and customer support services to businesses in your community. A pioneer in the field since 1915, we inspire loyalty and build trust with quality products in food service packaging, janitorial/sanitation supplies and industrial packaging products. Our reputation is built on prompt and efficient service and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Pat Lahey, Vice President and Randy Graham, President and CEO

Pat Lahey, Vice President, and Randy Graham, President and CEO

A Few Words from Randy Graham

In 1915, Charles Snelling changed the game by changing the buy/sell equation. He stepped up to the challenge of representing buyers and suppliers, taking care of the time-consuming details of supply and demand so his clients had time to focus on the things they did best. What do we do that sets us apart? We take your business personally. We get involved in your community. And when you need us, we’re there… because we’re a family and that’s what families do. These are core values at Snelling. This is why we’re still going strong.

Pat Lahey on Loyalty and Teamwork

At SnellingTM, our focus is something even bigger than the bottom line. What we build, as a team, is the strength and flexibility to succeed where others fail. How we do this is pretty simple: We listen. Why does this technique work so well? Because listening is how we learn… to stay one step ahead… to give you what you need as your needs evolve… to earn the kind of loyalty that stands the test of time.

The Snelling Story

SnellingTM had its start in Ottawa in 1915, when Canada’s Capital was a booming lumber town.

From humble beginnings at the junction of the Ottawa, Gatineau and Rideau Rivers, by the 1850’s Ottawa was the hub of a thriving lumber trade with millions of dollars in timber shipped to the port at Quebec City each year.

In the wake of devastating fires (1870 and 1903), SnellingTM’s founder saw his opportunity and carved his niche. For the lumber mills, he took on the management of sales and distribution of their timber and paper products so they could focus on rebuilding their empires. For patrons in need of timber and paper products, he became their one-stop solution, placing their orders and managing their accounts so they could focus on rebuilding their lives.

While markets have grown and consumer needs have evolved over the years, SnellingTM has never lost sight of its original purpose – to build lasting ‘hand shake’ relationships with independent business owners; to take care of their business and deliver peace of mind. Through its strategic alliances and partnerships with suppliers, SnellingTM provides you with a unique and personalized service coupled with innovative programs that fit your business needs.

As a committed partner with a proud history of reaching higher and going farther to build relationships that stand the test of time, SnellingTM brings a unique level of professional insight and personal dedication to serve your business and support your community.

Imagine a new bottom line with less work and less worry; more money and more time!

SnellingTM is Always a Step Ahead

Over forty years ago, SnellingTM saw an opportunity to level the playing field for independent distributors struggling to compete with large volume purchasers. We met the challenge by joining forces with like-minded players who saw the value in forming a co-operative buying group whose combined purchasing power would give us a bigger voice in the marketplace.


Today, as one of just seven Directors on the Board, SnellingTM continues to drive many of the decisions made by Balpex, Inc., the most important group of paper and plastic packaging and sanitation products distributors in Canada. With 47 member companies and 80+ distribution centres from coast to coast, The Balpex Group does more than $1-Billion in sales every year.